This is a patch to change the mahjong tiles of the client for custom ones and translate the User Interface.

It re-uses some of the work achieved in the existing Firefox and Chrome extensions.

The patch is mostly intended for Safari which cannot run these extensions, but the extensions are better in almost every regard. If you're not using Safari you really should use them instead.

This is provided as-is. It has been tested with Safari and the Userscripts extension (github, App Store) and may or may not work with others such as Tampermonkey or Greasmonkey. If it does, all the best, otherwise sorry but it is what it is. If it stops working come check here if there is a new version. Otherwise, you're very welcome to re-use the code and fix it.

Installation & usage

The script needs resources for the tiles and the translation. By default it will use resources hosted on this server. If it can't find them it should let you know and not translate anything.
Credit for these resources (arab numerals and latin script) goes to the existing Firefox extension.
You can also edit the script and add different URL values (I might include this in the UI settings at some point).

Please note that this might stop working if I'm not able to leave this available on my server for any reason.
You can also grab the source from to serve resources from your own server. This allows you to use a different set of tiles or customize the code to make it better.
Also, you wouldn't be relying on my server in case I can't continue hosting this.